The Samurai Game®

Are you ready to tap your Inner Warrior?

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Chamber of Commerce Event – September 16th
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A powerful opportunity to experience the way of the warrior as a path to deeper self-awareness and enlightenment

Learn where your blocks are and how to break through them!!

What Participants Say

“This was the BEST experience I have had at University of San Francisco. There are so many things I took away. Here are a few:
– A much more complete and realistic perspective about leadership;
– A clear understanding of areas I need to work on to become a better person/leader; and
– A great opportunity to experience close connections with a diversified group of people.”

– C. Douglas, MBA, University of San Francisco Alumna

“It allowed me to develop an awareness of what is going on right now in my life and be accountable and responsible so that I can redirect my actions.”

– B. Dvorak, Attorney

“Just what we wanted! Specifically, how to listen, how to deal with change and how to approach situations involving ego and conflict. We deepened our bond as an effective company and team, we practiced making decisions under stress and very importantly we strengthened leadership at all levels.”

 – J. Forster, CEO, Pridemark Paramedics

“Very empowering. It assisted me to revisit leadership concepts and perspectives with which I am very familiar – but in a fresh and clear way. It also provided a number of openings for me to understand how to improve my listening and communications skills.”

– C. A. Gonzalez, H.R. Manager

What to expect

The results people create vary from person to person depending on what they’re working on. Whether your are looking to improve yourself personally, professionally, or both, you will find the missing pieces here in The Samurai Game Workshop.

Accomplish Personal Goals

Setting and not reaching goals strips people of their self-esteem and self-worth. Understanding what supports and limits the achievement of goals is a game changer.

Become Assertive

Getting what you want means knowing what you want and having the courage to go for it. Spending a weekend in The Samurai Game® workshop has moved many people to do just that.

Stronger Leadership

Leading an organization, a team, the family, or even a movement are all areas where participants have reported massive transformation.

Here’s Why Our Process For People Development Works So Well

There are no religious ideas, dogma or philosophy to be learned. It is not psychotherapy. In a renewed space of openness inside of 3 days, people spontaneously awaken to the magnificence of their true self.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a style of learning that has you, the participant, actively applying what you are learning through the process. Each process was created to teach you a piece of the bigger picture that will become the new foundation for your evolution.

Immersive Approach

We’ve created a three day, immersive experience to increase the success of our participants. The weekend is set up to keep you in the learning mindset and environment. Immersion gives you the ability to focused on your evolution without the interruptions that typically derail people.

Group Learning

Working in a group provides you with opportunities to explore your ideas and beliefs, uncover assumptions and misconceptions, and work with others to create agreement and understanding. Exercises done in groups supports you to discover deeper meaning in the content we teach.

Skilled Facilitators

Our facilitators have decades of experience delivering and living The Basic Program content that has changes so many lives. With an unwavering dedication to participant success, they lead with resolve, integrity, compassion, and inspiration.

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