Year 1 Shamanic Initiation Program Weekend #4

Year 1 Shamanic Initiation Program Weekend #4

The Shamanic Power Initiations offer a year of discovery and self-awareness, journeying through your inner medicine wheel and showing you the way to your natural self, your original state of wholeness, and your interconnection with all of life.

This 6-weekend experiential training allows you to discover the power of your inner world, the power of the spirit world, and the power of being in the “now”.

The 5th World is the journey to the light, guided by Spirit and our luminous field/dream body. Your dream body becomes the guide of your journey while your physical body does the bidding of your dreamer, manifesting the dreams that you’ve always dreamed and seeding the ones you will be dreaming into this 5th world.

The Shamanic Power Initiations throw the door wide open for you to become one of the dreamers who dream the future.

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Mar 15 - 17 2024


All Day

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